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I. Africa

1. Project title: An analysis of policies and practices concerning language in education in primary schools in South Africa and secondary schools in Tanzania. by Birgit Brock-Utne
2. The language of instruction in secondary class-rooms in Tanzania by Birgit Brock-Utne
3. Language of Instruction in Tanzania and South Africa (LOITASA) by Birgit Brock-Utne
4. Language of Instruction in South Africa (LOISA) by Birgit Brock-Utne
5. Literacy in Two Languages? The realities of the implementation of language policy in education in South Africa by Halla B. Holmarsdottir
6. African Languages Lexical Project by Oddrun Grønvik
7. Resilience in children - a crosscultural investigation on ability to cope, protective factors and processes among children in Norway and Southern Africa. by Arve Gunnestad
8. Graduate Programme in Science, Mathematics and Technology education - GRASSMATE. by Øyvind Mikalsen
9. Post Graduate Programme in Mathematics Education. by Øyvind Mikalsen
10. From globalization to localization. A comparative case study on alternative pathways to initial teacher education in Botswana by Lucky Tshireletso
11. Joint linguistic research concerning the implementation of the Ethiopian educational policy with respect to the use of vernaculars in elementary schools. by Kjell Yri
12. What would be the effective strategies for educating the young on HIV/AIDS in Zambian Schools? by Rosah Malambo
13. Survey of Egyptian speech therapists' experience with alternative communication by Siri Wormnæs
14. Special Teacher Education in Cairo. Exploring the Experiences of Egyptian and Norwegian Project Participants. by Siri Wormnæs
15. The role of school and society in the imparting of values in Eritrea. by Arve Brunvoll
16. Capacity Building of Indigenous Koranic Schools in Somalia; An Alternative Model to Deliver Basic Education. by Ali Abdalah Warsame
17. Politiques éducatives et pratiques sociales de scolarisation en Afrique subsaharienne. by Gunnar Guddal Michelsen
18. Virtual Universities Between the Local and the Global. Comparison between Senegal and South Africa. by Gunnar Guddal Michelsen
19. Historical Research and Higher Education in Southern Africa. by Hans Erik Stolten

II. Asia

1. Bringing The Reformation Era' into the classroom: Modern schooling and the formations of new subjectivities in Java Indonesia by Lars Gjelstad
2. The State and Teaching Profession in Bangladesh by S.M. Abdul Quddus

III. Latin America

1. ____________________________________________________________ by

IV. Other Regions

1. Religious and Ethnic Identity Management among Norwegian-Pakistani Young People by Sissel Østberg

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Last Updated: 13 November 2003