NETREED Conference January 7 - 9, 2002


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Doing educational research in developing countries -
the research agenda and appropriate methods

Key notes:

Professor Robert Chambers: Notes for Participants in PRA/PLA-related Familiarisation Workshops (Word format)

Dr. Anna Robinson-Pant: What can PRA offer to educational researchers?(Word format)
Kristine Storholt, The Research Coucil of Norway: Research in education and development - future perspectives. (Power point presentation)


Research methodology issues:

Professor David Stephens: 'Schooling and Cultural Values in Africa: using a culturally and community sensitive research method - research in progress.' (Word format)

Lucky Daniel Tshireletso: Deciding on a sampling procedure for a study on understanding teaching and learning relations for minority children in Botswana classrooms. (Word format)
Pia Reierson: Using the principles of participatory action research and appreciative inquiry in development planning, monitoring and evaluation. (Word format)

Language in Education:

Professor Dr. Birgit Brock-Utne: The most recent developments concerning the debate on language of instruction in Tanzania (Word format)

Ingse Skattum: The integration of national languages into the educational system of Mali. Presentation of a NUFU project (1996-2006) (Word format)

Systemic issues:

Ellen Carm: Adult Basic Education and Learning, (ABEL) - an efficient tool for combating pverty? Lessons and indications from a case study in Lao P.D.R. (Word format)

HIV/AIDS and education:

Gender issues:

Culture and values:

Dennis Banda: Indigenous education, an answer to Education for All (EFA)? The case of Zambia with particular reference to the Chewa people of the Eastern Province.(Word format)

Special Needs Education and Early Childhood Education: