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Disseminating and Using Research Results from the South.

Keynote speakers:
Professor Iffat Farah (Aga Khan University, Pakistan):
Creating "New" Partnerships for Research in Developing Countries.[29.01.04]

Professor Frode Storås (University of Bergen)
Multimedia and the teaching of cultural variations.

Halla Holmarsdottir
Literacy in Two Languages? Implementing language policy in a post-colonial context.[10.01.04]

Birgit Brock-Utne
"But English is the language of science and technology" - the language of instruction in Africa - with a special look at Tanzania

Halima Mohammed Mwinsheikne
Surmounting the Language Barrier: An In-depth study of Tanzania Secondary School Science Teachers' Initiatives in Coping with the English/Kiswahili Dilemma in the Teaching/Learning Process.

Eurica Sigcau Nompucuko
Educational implications of non-standard varieties of Xhosa.

Culture and Gender
Elin Skaar
Why girls leave primary school before having passed the First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC) and why many of them are never enrolled at school. A study from three schools of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Cameroon.[10.01.04]

Nurul Shekh
Educating Women Through NGO Programmes: Contradictions of Culture and Gender in Rural Bangladesh.

Pia Karlsson & Amir Mansory
Islamic and Modern Education in Afghanistan - Conflictual or Complementary?

M.Kiwako Okuma-Nyström
Children's Socialization in the Changing Society: Parents' Views in Two Gambian Villages.

Higher Education
Lihong Huang
Students' socio-economic status in higher education in Southwest China. (not available online).

Hans Erik Stolten
Historians and History Education in Post-Apartheid South Africa. Revealing Divergence or Advocating Nation Building.

Ann Merete Otterstad & Hans Jørgen Braathe
Dilemmas, challenges and contradictions in institutional co operation work - Teacher Education in Bangladesh.[10.01.04]

Gunnar Guddal Michelsen
From Governmental Steering towards a New Globality within African Higher Education: The Case of Senegal. (not available online).

Research Methods:
Abdul Quddus
Designing social research: A methodological note of the study of Professionalization of schoolteachers in Bangladesh.

Lucky Tshireletso
Technologies of research and a self actualizationof the research subject in the south. Some empirical and ethical challenges. (not available online, contact Tshireletso by e-mail).

Ingunn K. Mork Bjørndal
If you don't do it our way, forget it! Reflections on Doing Research on Education and Context in Eritrea.[29.01.04]

Papers from NETREED Conference 2002:
The theme of the conference was:
Doing educational research in developing countries - the research agenda and appropriate methods.

Other Papers of interest:
Professor Birgit Brock-Utne: Formulating Higher Education Policies in Africa - the Pressure from External Forces and the Neoliberal Agenda. [21.11.03]
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