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::  A network of individuals and institutions based in Norway, who do research and evaluation on education and development (with a focus on developing countries).

::  A website where people can find summaries of research projects, evaluation reports, information on possibilities for funding for this type of research, information on relevant conferences and updated news. There will also be links to international networks and other web sites, as well as to networks on related topics in Norway and other Nordic countries.

::  A biannual conference where information and experience can be exchanged between researchers and evaluators, and where these can meet with representatives for "users" of the information, representatives from government authorities, educational institutions, non-governmental organisations etc.

::  A focal point, located at the Institute for Educational Research at the University of Oslo, which is responsible on a daily basis for running the network, updating the website, organising the conferences and receiving the information to be spread to the network.

:: NETREED is funded by The Research Council of Norway and the Institute for Educational Research, University of Oslo


:: To enable Norwegian based researchers and evaluators to learn from each other, to avoid duplication and instead form a strong research base within the area of education and development.

 :: To create and constantly update a web page where relevant research and evaluation reports will be presented, and where other relevant information, which is useful for the network, is available.

::  To facilitate a meeting point - physically and virtually - for people in the target group.

 :: To establish contact with other relevant networks, including in the South.

 :: To mediate contact and knowledge transformation between research interests and "user interests" in Norway and in the South.

 :: The Secretariat
is located at The University of Oslo, Helga Eng's House, Sem Selandsvei 7, Blindern. Contact us

Birgit Brock-Utne
Project Manager:
Prof. Dr. Birgit Brock-Utne
Institute for Educational Research
University of Oslo
E-mail: birgit.brock-utne@ped.uio.no
Homepage: http://folk.uio.no/bbrock

Project Coordinator:
Line Kjølstad Gran
Research assistant and coordinator
Institute for Educational Research
University of Oslo
e-mail: linegr@ulrik.uio.no

:: Reference Group


c/o Pedagogisk Forskningsinstitutt
P.O. box 1092, Blindern
N-0317 Oslo
Tel: + 47 22 85 78 83
Fax: + 47 22 85 42 50
E-mail: linegr@ulrik.uio.no

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