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Institution: Institute of International Education, Stockholm University
Position: PhD student
Address: IIE Stockholm University 10F, 10691 Stockholm Sweden
E-mail: garrouste.norelius@interped.su.se
Homepage: www.interped.su.se
Telephone: +46 816 17 58
Fax: +46 815 31 33
Working languages: English
Country experience: Mercosur contries, Namibia
Completed research projects/evaluations/publications (max. the 5 most important):

  • "Le Mercosur: Contribution à l'Etude d'une Intégration Economique Régionale en Amérique Latine" (1999).
  • "UNESCO policy paper on Quality Education" (2002)
  • "Progress and result indicators and their relevance for educational policy analysis" (2003) http://www.sida.se/
  • "International Benchmarking of European Educational and Training Systems" (2003). http://www.interped.su.se

2. GJELSTAD, Lars Edvin
On-going projects [click here]

Institution: Department of social anthropology, University of Bergen
Position: PhD student/ research fellow
Address: Fosswinckelsgt 6, 5007 Bergen
E-mail: Lars.gjelstad@sosantr.uib.no
Homepage: http://www.svf.uib.no/antro/index.html
Telephone: 55589266/ 55589250 (secr)
Fax: 55589260
Country experience: 10 months of fieldwork in Java, Indonesia.
Completed research projects/evaluations/publications (max. the 5 most important):

  • "Globale trender og lokale helter: Ungdom som kulturelle aktører i familie, skole og jevnaldergrupper i byen Solo på Java, Indonesia". Thesis submitted to the degree of cand.polit. 1999. The thesis discusses how urban middle class youths engage and bridge various social fields like family, school and peer group - and especially the divergent notions of what it means to be an "educated person".
  • "Coming of Age in a Time of Globalisation". Paper delievered at a workshop on "Consumption and Lifestyle in Java", organised by 'European Social Science Java Network' at Dept of Southeast Asian Studies, University of Passau, Germany, June 1998.
  • "New Order Youth: Power, Morality and Resistance in a Javanese gang". Paper presented to workshop in AAsian Modernities@ at NorAsia I conferance, Juni 2000, Norway.

3. GONZALEZ VIGIL, Maria del Pilar

Institution: Stockholm University
Position: Master Student
Address: Professorsslingan 17/ 106
E-mail: pilargonvi@yahoo.com
Homepage: http://www.interped.su.se
Telephone: 0046 762140915
Fax: 0046 0 8 15 31 33
Working languages English, Spanish, German
Country experience: Peru:- Educational Psychologist in charge of evaluation, counselling, and remedial treatment at Treaner school (2001-profesional training)and Bruning school (2003-2004). - Teacher of Psychology and English at Bruning school (2003-2004).
Completed research projects/evaluations/publications (max. the 5 most important):

Reading's Motivation of teenagers students (2004). Licenciate Thesis (Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru: http://www.pucp.edu.pe).

4. GRØNVIK, Oddrun
On-going projects [click here]

Institution: S-ML/INL, Arts Faculty, University of Oslo
Position: Researcher
Address: Postboks 1001 Blindern, 0315 Oslo
E-mail: oddrun.gronvik@inl.uio.no
Homepage: http://www.hf.uio.no/inl/ansatte/groenvik (personal)
http://www.hf.uio.no/inl/al/slm.htm (institution)
Telephone: 22854327
Fax: 22854381
Country experience: Norway
Completed research projects/evaluations/publications (max. the 5 most important):

  • Duramazvi reChiShona (monolingual dictionary of the Shona language) (1996, reprint 1999) College Press, Harare. 530 pp.
  • Duramazwi Guru reChiShona. Rine zvirungamutauro (Greater monolingual dictionary of the Shona language) (in press – launch June 2001) College Press, Harare. 1280 pp.
  • Isichazamazwi Sesindebele (Monolingual dictionary of the Ndebele language) (in press - launch June 2001) College Press, Harare. 650 pp.
  • Grønvik, O.; Ore, C.E.S.; Mberi, E. No freedom of thought without freedom for the mother tongue. Research and development of African languages in Zimbabwe through lexicography -- 12th Annual EAIE Conference Leipzig. 2000-12-02
  • Grønvik, O.; Ridings, D.G.T.U. : Why is Modern Lexicography impossible without Corpora? -- Taking African Languages into the New Millenium. International Seminar at the Launch of the African Languages Research Institute (ALRI) University of Zimbabwe, Harare, ZIMBABWE. 1999-11-27


Institution: PFI, University of Oslo
Position: Ph.D student
Address: Postboks 1092 Blindern, 0317 Norway
E-mail: g.b.gudmundsdottir@ped.uio.no
Telephone: +47 22 84 47 76
Fax: +47 22 85 42 50
Working languages English, Icelandic, Norwegian
Country experience: South Africa, Namibia, Ghana, Iceland
Completed research projects/evaluations/publications (max. the 5 most important):

  • Gudmundsdottir (2002). The Current Status of Information and Communication Technology in Namibian Education. Policies, Implementation and Relevance for Namibian Teachers. M.Phil thesis University of Oslo: Oslo.

On-going projects [click here]

Institution: Dronning Mauds Minne, Høgskole for førskolelærerutdanning
Queen Maud's College of Early Childhood Education
Position: Assoc. Professor
Address: Th. Owesens gt. 18, 7044 Trondheim, Norway
E-mail: agu@dmmh.no
Homepage: http://www.dmmh.no
Telephone: 73 80 52 40
Fax: 73 80 52 52
Country experience:
  • Zambia 1987-89: Worked as a coordinator for Preschool Teachers and Trainer's Course at Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation in Kitwe, Zambia.
  • Namibia 1992-1995: Consultant on the establishment of Katutura Early Education Course, Windhoek, Namibia. Visited the country about 2 times a year for a three year period.
  • Swaziland 1996-1997: Founder and first director of FEA Preschool Teacher Training College, Manzini, Swaziland. 1997- up to now: Supervisor and consultant for the same college. Visit Swaziland twice a year for evaluations and assistance in planning.
  • Founder of "Network for Preschool Teacher Training and Preschool Development in Southern Africa, where institutions from Zambia, Namibia, Swaziland and Tanzania are members with Queen Maud's College in Trondheim, Norway. 1999.
Completed research projects/evaluations/publications (max. the 5 most important):

  • A holistic and Creative Approach to Preschool Teacher Training in Southern Africa. Report from 2.nd meeting of "Network for Preschool Teacher Training and Preschool Development in Southern Africa, Held in Zambia April 2000. 68 pages.
    Queen Mauds College, Trondheim, Norway.
  • Prayas - The Centre for Neglected Children and for Juvenile Justice. Mid-term review by Janne Lexow, Arve Gunnestad and Upala Devi, New Delhi. Report LINS, Oslo, Norway 2000
  • Children's Integrated Program run by Delhi Police Foundation (Navjyoti) Appraisal for NORAD. By Anita Dighe and Arve Gunnestad. LINS, Oslo, Norway 1999
  • Curriculum Plan for FEA Preschool Teacher Training College, Manzini, Swaziland. By Arve Gunnestad, DMMH, Trondheim, Norway
  • Arve Gunnestad (2001 red.): Førskolepedagogikk og barnehageutvikling i det sørlige Afrika. DMMH skriftserie


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