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1. BAGUMA, Thomas William

Institution: Makerere Univeristy, Kampala, Uganda.
Position: Institute Registrar.
Address: Institute of Adult and Continuing Education, Makerere Univeristy, P.O.Box 7062, Kampala, Uganda.
E-mail: bagth@yahoo.com
Country experience: Uganda is committed to enhancing education, both at Primary, secondary, and tertiary levels. The country has adopted the Universal Primary Education policy, to enable all children access basic education, while opportunities for universal secondary education are still being debated upon. The increase in number of private universities is a positive indicator of the liberalization of education in the country. The challenge however is that not withstanding the evident indicators of growth in the education sector, the country needs to further initiate programmes and policies that reflect our development needs, to address the existing discrepancies between education as a tool of empowerment, and the practical development problems affecting the economy.
Telephone: Office: +256 41 543543/1 or Mobile: +256 772 377988
Fax: +256 41 543542

1. BANDA, Dennis

Institution: Oslo university but now Nottingham university, UK
Position: PhD Student
Address: Nottingham University, Jubilee Campus Faculty of education, Dearing biulding Nottingham NG8 1BB
E-mail: Dennisnk@hotmail.com
Country experience: I'm a Zambian and did my MPhil at Oslo University in International and Comparative Education 2002
Telephone: 07891799062
Working languages: English
 Completed research projects/evaluations/publications
Mphil thesis and summer school paper which form a base for my phd topic. My Thesis was on language policy and the primary reading programme.my phd is an Investigation of how african indigenous education can be a means of enhancing The achievement og education for all(efa)

Project now:
An investigation of how African indigenous education can enhance the achievement of education for all (EFA) with particular reference to the Chewa people of Zambia

2. BAYHAQI, Akhmad

Institution: University of Indonesia
Position: Lecturer/Researcher
Address: Blk 205 #03-601, Petir Road, Singapore 670205
E-mail: bayhaqi@gmail.com
Country experience: Indonesia, South East Asia
Telephone: +65-92411181
Working languages: English, Indonesia
 Completed research projects/evaluations/publications 1. “Decentralization in Indonesia: The Possible Impact on Education (Schooling) and Human Resource Development for Local Regions”, paper presented at the 2nd International Conference on Indonesia: Decentralization and Structural Reformation, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Diponegoro University, Semarang, July 7-8th, 2004. 2. “Education and Economic Growth in Indonesia, Comparisons with Malaysia”, paper presented at the 6th ASEAN Inter-University Seminars on Social Development, USM Malaysia, 14-16 May 2004. 3. Education and Macroeconomic Performance in Indonesia: A Comparison with Other ASEAN Economies, VISITING RESEARCHERS SERIES NO. 13(2000).

3. BISETH, Heidi

Institution: Faculty of Education, Oslo University College
Position: PhD Student
Address: Bertramjordet 20, 1251 Oslo
E-mail: hebis@online.no
Homepage: http://home.hio.no/~heidbi/
Telephone: +47 22452783
Working Languages: Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English
Country experience: Norway and South Africa
Completed research projects/evaluations/publications (max. the 5 most important):
Current project: "Educators as Custodians of Democracy? A comparative
investigation of multicultural school environments in the Scandinavian

Publications: “Democracy and Language in Education: Reflections from a field
study in the Western Cape, South Africa ” (2006). In: Brock-Utne, Birgit,
Zubeida Desai and Martha Qorro. Focus on fresh data on the language of
instruction debate in Tanzania and South Africa. South Africa: African Minds

Paperpresentation at NETREED conference 2005

4. BJØRNDAL, Ingunn K. Mork

Institution: Risør Adult Education Centre
Position: Project Leader
Address: Terneveien 8, 4950 Risør, Norway
E-mail: bjorndal@c2i.net
Telephone: +47 37 15 07 80 (work) +47 37 15 05 25 (home)
Working languages: English, Norwegian
Country experience: Sudan, Kenya, Gambia, Sri Lanka, Eritrea
Completed research projects/evaluations/publications (max. the 5 most important):

  • Formal Education and Traditional Life: Primary education in the Southern Sudan - a summary of experiences during the work period 1982 - 1985 in the Norwegian Church Aid Sudan Programme (NCA/SP), Eastern Equatoria (Agder University College, 1991).
  • From Hell to Heaven: Present Status of Sudanese Refugees in Nairobi who had their education programme terminated before completion (Daystar University College, Nairobi 1992).
  • "We Never Felt Like Soldiers!" Education in Eritrea: From EPLF and Education to a National Culture of Education - A Hermeneutic Conversation (Oslo University College, 2003).

5. BONEZA, Raïs Neza        

Position: Director
Address: Singsakerbakken 13
E-mail: info@transcendafrica.org
Homepage: www.transcendafrica.org
Telephone: 47409005
Working Languages: English - French
Country experience: Uganda-RDCongo-Sudan-Burundi-Rwanda-Kenya-Hait
Completed research projects/evaluations/publications (max. the 5 most important):
Peace By African's Peaceful Means.(Protea Publishing, USA2005).
Black Esmerald (Poetry Collection).(Cyberwitnet, India 2005)
Peace Through African's Peaceful Means (Kolofon, Norway 2004)
Nomad, a Refugee Poet (Poetry Collection) (Cookcommunication, USA 2003

6. BREIDLID, Anders

Institution: Oslo University College
Position: Associate professor
Address: Pilestredet 52, 0167 Oslo
E-mail: anders.breidlid@lu.hio.no
Telephone: +47 22 45 21 60
Fax: +47 22 45 21 05
Country experience: South Africa, Sudan, Kenya, (former) Zaire, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh
Completed research projects/evaluations/publications (max. the 5 most important):

  • Resistance and Consciousness in Kenya and South Africa.
    The subaltern's potentials of resistance to oppression.Key words: Agency,consciousness (Freire)2001
  • Sudan. Africa Yearbook 200-2001 (Norwegian Council for Africa, Oslo, December 2000
  • Schooling and Cultural Values in Africa: New meanings for Educational Change?
    Paper with David Stephens, The Ukfiet Oxford International Conference on Education and development, September 2001
  • Educational Discourse in Multicultural Context, Paper, International genre conference, Oslo, May 2001

7. BROCK-UTNE, Birgit
On-going projects [click here]

Institution: University of Oslo
Position: Professor
Address: P.B.1092 Blindern. 0317 Oslo, Norway
E-mail: birgit.brock-utne@ped.uio.no
Homepage: http://www.uio.no/~bbrock
Telephone: +47 22 85 53 95
Fax: +47 22 85 42 50
Country experience: Tanzania,South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, Senegal, Botswana. Uganda, Mali, Niger, Guinea,Mongolia, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Sweden, Norway, Germany,Austria, Spain, the US.
Completed research projects/evaluations/publications (max. the 5 most important):
  • 2000:Whose Education for All? The Recolonization of the African Mind. New York. London:Falmer Press. This book is the result of a seven year study and research project started when I was working at the University of Dar es Salaa. The book is divided into three parts, one dealing with educational policy, one dealing with the content of schooling (including the language of instruction) and the third part dealing with higher education.
  • 1999: Review of Support to Educational Development provided by RDSES. Mongolia, Nepal, Eritrea. April 1999. Review commissioned by DANIDA, desk study of the RDSES involvement in Eritrea, 16 days field work in Mongolia. Together with Jeef Bech Hansen (team leader) and Jørgen Billetoft from RAMBØLL Consultancy firm and Wim Biervliet from Nuffic in the Netherlands. Main report (30 pp) and Annexes to Main Report (ca. 120 pp)
  • 1996 - 1998: A three year consultancy for the Norwegian Foreign Ministry\UNICEF and in cooperation with Janne Lexow, DECO. Meetings in Cameroun and South Africa (9 - 25 February 1996) Meetings in Dakar, Senegal and Conakry, Guniea (17 -26 November 1996) Field-work in Swaziland, Uganda, Senegal, Namibia and Botswana.
  • 1996 - 1998: A two year consultancy for DSE (Deutsche Stiftung für Entwicklung) to build up research capacity among young researchers in southern Africa within the area of qualitative research. Planning meeting in Berlin, (26-28. January 1996), workshop in Zimbabwe (17-23 March 1996), planning meeting in South Africa (25 -31 March 1996). Workshop in Malawi (16-21 September 1996) Planning workshop in South Africa (22-27.9.1996)
  • 1995: A seven week's consultancy on the "Teaching of Namibian languages in the formal education system of Namibia." A study requested by the Ministry of Basic Education and Culture in Namibia through the National Institute for Educational Development (NIED) and with the support of the Namibia Association of Norway. (NAMAS) 47 pp (with appendixes 85) Field work from 20.November to 16.December.

On-going projects [click here]

Institution: Norsk Lærerakademi
Position: Professor
Address: Vågsbotn 7, N-5131 Nyborg
E-mail: arve.brunvoll@vh.nla.no
Homepage: http://www.nla.no/ab
Telephone: +47-55 54 07 00 (off.) +47-55 18 45 29 (priv.)
Fax: +47 55 54 07 01
Working language: Norwegian, German, English
Country experience: Eritrea
Completed research projects/evaluations/publications (max. the 5 most important):
  • "The Quest for a Common Human Ethic and the Particularity of Culture", in Diversidade e Identidade - Actas da 1a Conferência Internacional de Filosofia da Educaçao, Porto 1998, Coordenaçao Adalberto Dias de Carvalho e.a., Gabinete de Filosofia da Educaçao, Instituto de Filosofia, Faculdade de Letras da Universade do Porto, s.a., 211-222.
  • "Os Direitos Humanos e a Identidade Cultural("Human Rights and the Identity of Cultures"), in A Educaçao e os Limites dos Direitos Humanos - Ensaios de Filosofia da Educaçao, Adalberto Dias de Carvalho (org), Porto: Porto Editora 2000, 63-78.
  • "The legacy of Paulo Freire", in Ana Maria Araújo Freire (ed.): A PEDAGOGIA DA LIBERTAÇÃO EM PAULO FREIRE, 1º título da SÉRIE PAULO FREIRE da Editora UNESP, Rio de Janeiro 2001.

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